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We provide unparalleled training and support to our franchise owners.

Opening a business is a major undertaking. Not only do you need to find a way to sell your product or service to others, but you need to provide that product or service with expertise. This is why at Roof Eraser Franchising LLC, we set our franchise owners up for success with unparalleled training and support.

Training and Support

We started as a roof cleaning business in North Carolina before expanding to offer the same opportunity to franchise owners. Now, to continually provide the same great service we are known for, we make sure our franchise owners receive comprehensive training and support before providing services to their first customer.

Between four to six weeks before you are scheduled to open your franchise, we will provide approximately one week of initial training at your location. During this training week, our team members will work with you on sales, estimating, working with our software, and other tasks key to your success. You will also spend one week at the job site learning our cleaning processes. We will provide this training to you as the franchisee and one other team member.

As one of our franchisees, we want you to be as successful as possible, and one of the ways we help you make this happen is with our training and support model that ensures great results. For more information about how we support our franchisees or to learn more about this excellent business opportunity, reach out to us today.