Ugly Stains Removed

If your roof looks like this, give us a call today. We remove ugly stains, giving back your curb appeal, and extend the life of your roof.

We Save You Money

Calling Roof EraserĀ before calling your roofer will save you money! Shingle manufacturers believe that 80% of all replacements could have been cleaned first.

Guaranteed for 3 Years

We stand by all cleaning services provided. Should the ugly stains return within 3 years, we will treat them free of charge.

Roof Cleaning Specialist since 2002

Roof Eraser is a name known and trusted for roof cleaning in Winston Salem, NC since 2002. When the company began, Roof Eraser was the only roof cleaning service provider in the area. Trust the company with 17 years of experience to clean your roof.

Roof Eraser has expanded their service area beyond Winston Salem to now include: Greensboro, NC; High Point, NC; Lexington, NC; Statesville, NC ; Mooresville,NC; Davidson,NC; Salisbury,NC; Concord,NC; Roanoke,VA; and the surrounding areas.

Call (336) 655-4778 or toll free at 855-537-3682 to check for service availability.


Only Roofing Professionals Should Be on Your Roof!

Why would you want anyone other than a roofing professional cleaning your roof?

Don't let pressure washers and carpet cleaners on your roof. Trust in the professionals - in the roof cleaning and repair business since 2004.

All inspections are FREE. Book your appointment today!