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Fungus among us … it’s everywhere, and particularly on roofs. Not only is the fungus decreasing the appearance of a large dollar asset, but also deteriorating the roof life, stealing years off the intended functional life and robbing homeowners of thousands of valuable dollars!

Roof Eraser provides a valuable home service that restores a roof to its intended look, extends the life of the roof, and saves homeowners thousands of dollars.

When you become a Roof Eraser franchisee, together we will develop a successful business for you with rewarding financial results, as this service is highly needed in most areas of the U.S., with particular emphasis in the Southeast and areas of moderate to high levels of humidity.


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*Amounts will be based upon results achieved by utilizing the data in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)


*These amounts are based upon historical results as described in Item 19 of the FDD. Your results may differ


*There is no assurance that you will sell or earn as much. See Item 19 of the FDD for more information.

Franchise Benefits

Start your own Roof Eraser business, and we’ll work with you to develop a successful business model that provides rewarding financial results. Our service is needed in North Carolina and throughout most areas of the U.S., with particular emphasis in the Southeast and areas of moderate to high levels of humidity.


Low cost of entry

A Roof Eraser franchise fee is $30,000, which includes one week of corporate training, on-site training, business setup, accounting system establishment, marketing support, and ongoing operational monitoring and assistance.


High gross profit margins

Roof Eraser services provide some of the highest gross margins in the home service industry, averaging approximately 75%.


Above Average Return On Investment

A Roof Eraser franchisee should expect a minimal 20% return in year one, increasing to a cumulative return of approximately 400% after the fifth year.


Protected Territory(ies)

Once a Roof Eraser franchisee is assigned a territory, they are assured no other franchisee will interfere within that territory. A territory contains a minimal 250,000-person population, assuring the franchisee of an ample amount of business opportunity.


Recession-Proof Services

A Roof Eraser business will have access to industry knowledge and marketing techniques that make the services available and profitable even in a recession-type economy.

What We Offer

We offer unique instruction and insight that other newcomers to the home services industry do not have, so you can boldly integrate your new business into the market. Learn more about this franchise opportunity by contacting us today!


Training and Support

Roof Eraser will provide one week of intense training at its corporate office when you become a franchisee. In addition, continual training and support will be provided in the areas of sales, operations, marketing, and finances.

Proprietary Chemicals

Proprietary Chemicals

Roof Eraser has developed a proprietary, environmentally safe chemical that has proven to be more effective and longer lasting than the store-bought “solutions”.



With over 18 years of experience, Roof Eraser has developed a proven marketing system that will provide sales opportunities in any economic environment.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Think GREEN, don’t replace – ERASE! The waste, resources, and manufacturing of new shingles are unnecessary, with 80% of roofs being replaced prematurely because of the fungus. Create a positive impact using our eco-friendly processes.

Why Roof Cleaning is Necessary

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The Process

Roof Eraser Franchising LLC-Pre-qualification

1 Pre-qualification

The initial step in awarding a franchise is to pre-qualify the prospective owner. An Application and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) will need to be executed prior to discussing the franchise opportunity.

Roof Eraser Franchising LLC-Program Review

2 Program Review

Upon tentative approval of a prospective owner, an interview will be conducted with the Roof Eraser owners to further address mutual match of qualifications, interests, and expectations. Emphasis will be on business and industry experience, with the focus on the prospective owner’s ability to build a successful business.

Roof Eraser Franchising LLC-Disclosure Review
3 Disclosure Review

A thorough review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) will be made between the Roof Eraser owners and the prospect to clarify its content and address questions.

Roof Eraser Franchising in North Carolina

4 Franchisee Validation

The prospective owner will have a minimum of 14 days to review the FDD and perform any additional inquiries to further determine their interest to invest in the franchise.

Roof Eraser Franchising in North Carolina

5 Discovery Day

A prospective owner will spend one day at the Roof Eraser corporate office to meet the owners, address additional questions, and mutually determine the approval of the franchise/franchisee.

Roof Eraser Franchising in North Carolina

6 Awarding the Franchise

The franchise will be awarded to the prospective owner based upon mutual agreement as determined in the previous steps. The closing may be executed at Discovery Day or a mutually agreed-upon date shortly thereafter. The franchise will be officially awarded upon signing of the Franchise Agreement and payment of the Franchise Fee (either by wire transfer or certified bank check, if applicable).


Why do I need to invest in your franchise versus providing the services myself?

Roof Eraser has a proven cleaning method that is effective, efficient, and profitable. You will be handed a turnkey operation that provides the technique, the training, the marketing, the knowledge of other services, and the access to recession-proof industry secrets.

What knowledge and experience does a prospective Roof Eraser franchisee need?

A prospective franchisee should possess prior business experience and knowledge, which will help them coordinate and run a successful franchise. Experience and skills in management, marketing, sales, supervision, organization, planning, and customer service will be most beneficial to a franchisee.

Do I need to get on a roof to perform the services?

First of all, we strongly encourage our franchisees to work ON the business, not IN the business.

A large portion of the roof cleaning jobs can be performed without getting on the roof, as they can be cleaned from the ladder. During our corporate training, we cover safety features and cleaning methods.

Why would I want to clean roofs for a living?

Very few homeowners are willing to get on a roof. Without that willingness, the homeowner is watching their roof deteriorate and thus losing valuable dollars. You will want to clean roofs as there is money on that roof – for both you and the homeowner.

How much must I invest to start a franchise?
The initial franchise fee is $30,000. Other capital needs will include a truck, equipment, supplies, and working capital. The range of the aggregate investment is estimated to be $54,200-$94,733.
Will the corporate office provide ongoing support for my business?

Yes! The success of the corporate office is dependent upon the success of its franchisees. We will continually assist you with marketing, sales, operations, management, finances – anything that will help you be successful.

Does the service apply to residential customers only?

No! The roof cleaning services are available for residential AND commercial roofs.

What services other than roof cleaning will I make available to customers?

Franchisees will be trained on identifying and providing other services such as roof repairs, power washing other areas of a home, and creating referral fee income opportunities.

Will Roof Eraser provide any finance and accounting support?

Yes! Roof Eraser will assist with financing options, if necessary. All franchisees will use the services of an affiliate who will assist you to set up the business, establish an accounting system, provide training on the accounting software, handle the bookkeeping, process payroll, assist to minimize taxes, and prepare the business year-end tax return.

What long-term benefits does owning a Roof Eraser franchise provide me?

Owning a Roof Eraser franchise will provide the owner an ongoing financial reward, which may include the establishment of a retirement fund. In addition, a franchisee will be building a business that may be subsequently sold for a premium in comparison to the original investment.

Meet the Owners

Ted Sullivan

Terrance (“Ted”) Sullivan


Ted has been in the roofing industry for over 18 years, including roof installation, roof repairs, and roof cleaning. During this time, Ted has developed a turnkey business for the roof cleaning services, including a proprietary cleaning chemical, an efficient cleaning process, a unique marketing approach, and a highly profitable operation

Larry O'Dell

Larry O'Dell


Larry has been a CPA for over 36 years, which includes starting, building, and selling his successful accounting firm. Larry has worked with Ted in various capacities for over 17 years. Larry works with franchisees with setup, accounting, financing, organization, and operation matters.

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