What You Need to Know About the Tile Roof Cleaning Process

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Our team at Roof Eraser knows that your home is important to you, and we want to help you take the best possible care of it. The part of your home that we specialize in caring for is the roof–specifically, we offer top-notch cleaning services for roofs of all kinds, which will keep your roof looking its best and prevent it from becoming damaged by things like mold and algae. In this article, we’ll be focusing on our tile roof cleaning services and providing a brief overview of what you need to know about this process.

What You Need to Know About the Tile Roof Cleaning Process

Why is tile roof cleaning necessary?

First, tile roof cleaning is important because it protects the roof from becoming damaged. Things like mold, algae, and moss act like sponges for moisture, and when they grow on your roof tiles, the moisture they contain can soften the clay over time and cause the tiles to split when the moisture dries out. This kind of overgrowth can in turn lead to further problems, so it’s best to try to prevent it whenever possible.

How often should you perform tile roof cleaning?

Another thing you should know about tile roof cleaning is how often you should have it done. Our team recommends that you have your tile roof cleaned within 5 years of its installation, and then every other year after that. In some circumstances, you may require our services more often, and we encourage you to give us a call to discuss the ideal cleaning schedule for your situation.

How does tile roof cleaning work?

In our tile roof cleaning process, we typically start by spraying the roof with water at a relatively low pressure, in order to dislodge as much debris as possible without putting unnecessary stress on the tiles themselves. If algae, moss, or similar growth is a concern, we’ll use a roof cleaning agent designed specifically to kill it, then rinse it away.