What Can Go Wrong During DIY Roof Pressure Washing?

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What Can Go Wrong During DIY Roof Pressure Washing?It can be exhilarating to complete a DIY project at your home. Of course, that depends on everything going smoothly. You should always enter into any project armed with all the pros and cons. It would be best if you also gauged whether the risk outweighs the reward. There are several risks, for example, with DIY roof pressure washing. Here are a few things that can go wrong:

  • Slide off the roof- Roof pressure washing makes for a wet, slick roof. One misstep, and you can topple to the ground, resulting in a hospital visit and prolonged recovery.
  • Fall off the ladder- Ladder injuries can be quite serious and have lasting health effects.
  • Fall through the roof- If your roof has a soft area from a leak, you could fall through it.
  • Damage to the roof material- Roof pressure washing can easily damage shingles, tiles, and metal roofing if not done carefully.
  • Damage to pipe boots, flashing, or vents- Anything that sticks up from the roofing could be inadvertently damaged.
  • Void roofing warranty- Some warranties do not permit DIY roof pressure washing.
  • Damage to landscaping- The cleaning products you use could be hazardous for your landscaping, as well as the soil and groundwater.
  • Health risks from bacteria- Not following safety protocols could have you breathing in dangerous contaminants.

To avoid these potential dangers of DIY roof pressure washing, call in a professional. At Roof Eraser, we have been doing roof cleaning for more than 15 years. Our process is environmentally friendly and safe for your house, landscaping, children, and pets. Roofing material manufacturers approve our process, and we back our work with a 3-year streak-free guarantee. Call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.