Is Your Roof Unsightly? Roof Cleaning is the Solution!

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One would expect something outdoors to be a prime candidate for collecting dust, dirt, and debris. The roof on your home may get a “washing” of sorts whenever it rains, but that is not enough to combat algae growth. Algae is quite fond of shingle roofs, in particular, because of the crushed limestone that is part of their asphalt construction. High-quality shingles have an algae inhibitor, but many of the shingles used over the past few years do not have this feature.

Is Your Roof Unsightly? Roof Cleaning is the Solution!

With humid conditions and other contributors, your roof can begin to become unsightly. You do not have to accept it or go to the expense of replacing the roofing. Roof cleaning takes care of the roof algae and other contaminants that are making your roofing look older than it is.

One thing you should know, however, is that roof cleaning should be done by a professional. If you do it yourself, there is a chance that you’ll void your roof warranty. You could also end up in a battle with your insurance company, not to mention that it is far from a safe thing to do. You could be injured or cause damage to the roof. If you use harsh chemicals, you could even accidentally destroy your landscaping and contaminate the soil around your home.

If you want your roof to look new again, reach out to us at Roof Eraser. We offer professional roof cleaning services using environmentally friendly products. They are safe for your home, landscaping, children, and pets. Our process is gentle on your roofing materials and leaves a streak-free result. We back that with a 3-year guarantee. If the ugly stains return during that time, we will return and remove them again at no cost to you.