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Own a high-ROI franchise in the home services market.

Fungus is everywhere – it’s on roofs, houses, trim, decks, driveways, gutters, foundations, wood, brick, and more. Mildew in any form does not discriminate, and it’s found on all buildings, from homes and churches to banks, city property, churches, and more. This growth is harmful to building materials and degrades them over time, reducing the useful lifespan of materials and costing home and building owners thousands in replacement costs every year.

High-ROI Franchise in North Carolina

The Roof Eraser method is proven, effective, efficient, and profitable. Using a proven combination of chemical solutions and gentle pressure, this cleaning process is designed to restore any roof back to its intended look, extending its lifespan and saving the homeowner thousands of dollars on roof replacement costs.

At Roof Eraser Franchising LLC, we’ve turned our proven cleaning method into a high-ROI franchise opportunity. Open up your own high-ROI franchise in North Carolina or one of our other protected territories, and you will be handed an operation that provides all the training, marketing, technique, and knowledge of other services to own and run a successful business.

Our high-ROI franchise opportunity boasts a low level of capital need with the potential for high gross margins and an above average return on investment. Our franchise model provides protected territories, recession-proof services, and a roof cleaning method with little to no competition.

Become a successful business owner by opening your own high-ROI franchise in the home services market. Learn more about our franchise opportunity and what we’ll do to ensure your success by contacting us today.