Low-Pressure Wash

Our low-pressure wash and environmentally friendly chemicals keep your roof looking great and can extend the life of the roof.

Replace or Erase?

Should you replace your roof or simply clean away the ugly stains? Our inspectors can help you decide.

Full Exterior Clean

Does your siding,driveway or side walks need cleaning as well ? Let the Roof Eraser erase stains all over the home. Instant curb appeal!


Save Money and Extend the Life of Your Roof

Algae and moss can reduce the life of your roof by up to 40%. Protect your investment by safely removing the algae from your roof.

A stained roof may not necessarily need to be replaced. Replacing shingles prematurely can be costly and unnecessary. Our inspectors will give you an honest assessment.

Good for the Environment, Great for Your Home

Our low pressure system ensures that your roof maintains optimal performance and does not damage the shingle.

Our unique formula and spraying method are environmentally safe.



Should you Replace or Erase your roof?

Our expert inspectors can also help you determine whether your roof needs replacement or not. Our sister company will be able to handle all your roofing needs. Roof Replacement Solutions


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