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Country Estate

Roof Eraser helped this homeowner get ready for sale.

A good roof that looks ugly may keep buyers at bay or deduct from the sale price of your home.

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Green and Clean

No house is too small for a freshly cleaned roof! This home was brought back to life using the Roof Eraser.

Light colored shingles, while very energy efficient, easily show stains. Now it's tidy and cute as a button!

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The Red Cottage

The stains on this roof were so dark, that a roofing company initially told this homeowner they needed to replace the roof.

We saved them over $5,000.00 and extended the life of the roof with this cleaning.

Easily 3 shades lighter!

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The stains were so dark on this home, the owner did not even know his original roof was white!

When he came home after the cleaning, he thought we had installed a brand new roof.

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Gorgeous Gray

Streaking is all too common.

As water sheds off of your roof, it can leave behind algae and moss spores from nearby trees.

The more steeply pitched the roof, the more visible (and unsightly) they become.

Roof Eraser to the rescue!